Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baltimore GT

This post is a month past due but here it goes. I took a Sacred Host of Quetzl to the Baltimore GT this year. I took a ballanced list with 25% characters, 50% core, and 25% special. I took no large monster. I was rather shocked that some of the list i faced were so over powered.
Game 1: I faced a Tzeench demon list with a greater demon. Narrow lost.
Game 2: I faced a balanced lizardmen list. Marginal win.
Game 3: I faced a lizardmen list with a carnosaur (and a stegadon?). A tie.
Game 4: I faced a Nurgle list with a dragon. Wiped out (some very poor gaming decision on my part)
Game 5: A Knight's errant list. very balanced and characterful. A tie. My most enjoyable game.

Next time I think I will take some thing more powerful. Or at least gear the army to large (flying) creatures.

On a side note, I was also surprised that the 2 lizardmen opponent had not heard of the sacred host list.