Sunday, February 20, 2011

Movement Templates for Uncharted Seas & Dystopian War

Recently I ordered these movement templates for Uncharted Seas from Photon Cutter Studio.

They were similar to the Litko templates except the turning templates allow a 180 turn, which i thought make them superior. I ordered them through my LFGS (which ordered them through Fat Boys Games distribution?). Unfortunately when i got them the medium turning template was missing and instead i got 2 large ones. I emailed Tom at Photon Cutter Studio and without hesitation offered me a replacement free of charge. I also inquired about a similar set for Dystopian war and he offered them for my troubles, Wow. Within 2 weeks they arrived an everything is great. Thank you so much Tom for a fabulous customer service experience.
I eagerly await the opportunity to use both sets on the table top. Have a go yourself if you play either Uncharted Seas or Dystopian War.