Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GothiComp 09

Each year the folks over at TacCom runs a BFG model competition. The deadline is July 31 so if you haven't done so, get going!

Here are my submissions this year.

1.5k Fleet category: Imperial Navy

Single model category: the Retribution battleship Uriel

1.5k Fleet category: Chaos Navy

Single model category: Acheron heavy cruiser Balberith

Sunday, July 26, 2009

BFG: Alternative Models

I plan on expanding my BFG fleet collection to include Orks, one of the Eldar fleets, and what ever else. I however do not like some of the GW models, especially with regard to Orks. So i have been eyeing alternative models from other companies. Before Mongoose stopped producing B5 ship models for their All Call to Arms game, they had a sale. I looked at the model line that I liked and picked up two fleets: Narn and Earth Alliance. (Since Mongoosed stopped making these models, Iron Wind Metals have acquired the rights to do so). Since I don't intend any of these to be my primary fleet, and certainly won't be using them in GW Tourneys, I think it might be nice have try some different models.

I have decided to use the Narn models as either Orks or Necrons. Fluff wise the Narns seems to have the more primitive technology. Their ships have a low wedge sharp profile so I that they might be harder to hit front on (thus their 6+ prow armor in BFG as orks) yet not as durable close in (hence a 4+ armor against attack crafts). In contrast their larger models have four pyramidal wedges in the corners seems to fit with the Necron monolith models. So they too might fit Necrons alright.

Narn ships to represent BFG ships.
Ka'Bin'Tak super dreadnought as Ork BB or Necron Tombship.
Bin'Tak dreadnought as Ork Terror ship or Necron Scythe cruiser.
G'Quan cruiser as Ork Kill Kroozer of Necron Shroud cruiser.
Var'Nic destroyer as Ork Onslaught or Necron Jackal.
KaToc escort as Ork Ram ship or Necron Dirge.

Narn color scheme
Base = Gunmetal with green wash
Hull = Iyanden darksun
Highlight = Mithril silver
Weapon = Red Gore
Engineerings = Tin bitz

The Earth Alliance ships will represent AdMech ships. They are ships based on the long axis similar to standard Imperial ships.
Warlock Advance destroyers will be AdMech Dictators.
Apollo Bombardment cruisers will be AdMech Lunars.
Marathon Advance cruiser will be AdMech Defiant light cruiser.
Delphi Advanced scout will be Gladius escorts.

Earth Alliance color scheme
base = Shadow Grey with black wash
Hull = White
Highlight = Shinning gold
Weapon = Chainmail

I have also been eyeing these ships from Spartan Games upcoming Firestorm game. Dark Eldars? Space Marines? Tyranids?
Firestorm models.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am guess blogging about BFG at Bells of Lost Souls.

My first post is here. My next post will likely about the turn sequence and the one after that will be about the models. Afterward I will likely post about each fleet lists.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

BFG Game at Hobby Town July 18th

I played a 3.8k game of BFG today, 3.8k of Imperium vs 3.8k of Chaos. (We had a guest player, Harry, from Albany who found us on the web). I played Imperium. The scenario was Fleet engagement; we chose Wedge and Chaos chose Cross. The two fleets deployed on long edges parallel to each other facing opposite direction. This prevented the Imperial fleet from charging Chaos with its armored prow. We did what we could to maneuver toward the enemy but seemingly always one arc behind. This led me to realize that Imperium should not try to come directly toward their opponent but should instead come on at a converging angle so that the current enemy ships are toward the one corner of our front arcs, expecting that once the enemy ships move, they will remain in the other corner of our front arc.

Previously I have also been reluctant to leave bomber markers on the table because of fear of being taken out. However, I think that the chances they will be taken out by ship fire is remote (requiring 6s to hit). When enemy carriers launches fighters to take out your bombers they aren't launching bombers or assault boats against my ships. In addition, interesting enough, damages taken by attack crafts are renewable (with re-rolls) similar to shields. By having bombers out, I have alsos extended the range of my bombers to 40cm per turn.

Final thought, the obvious thought. Concentrating fires to cripple ships is more effective than spreading fires across many ships' shields.