Saturday, May 25, 2013

BFG: IN vs AdMech

I played a 1500 points game with my new IN fleet against my friend (Jobu) AdMech fleet the other night. My fleet consisted of an Apocalypse (the Kandinsky), 2 Dictators (the Still and the Newman), 2 Lunars (the Kline and the Hofmann), along with 2 squadrons of Falchions (the Dehner and the Callery). Jobu's consisted of a battleship (Retribution class?), 2 AdMech Tyrants, 3 AdMech Endeavors, 3 Cobras and 3 Hunters. At the end of the night i lost the Kandinski and four Falchions with no other ships crippled. Jobu lost 2 Cobras and 2 Hunters with the battleship crippled as well as one of the Tyrant.

What I learn:
1. The Apocalypse should go all ahead full the first turn in order to position itself in firing range of its lances.
2. Bombers, even when combined with torpedoes are fairly ineffective against battleships. I should have sent them against the light cruisers preferably if not the against the cruisers.
3. the Dictators have in essence 2 combined strikes at 20cm so save a fleet reroll for the reload.

I submitted the result to the Draco Sector Campaign