Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LotR Tactics 1

For the past 6 months I have been playing LotR Easterlings, mostly at 700 points in the local store. What I have learned is the following.

1. Force Composition. I believe a balanced force should consist of three parts. A mobile reactive part, typically cavalry. A battleline part consisting of warriors. Both the mobile and the battleline should be led by a hero (for heroic actions) and a standard bearer. The third force should be a relatively immobile force of archers (or war machines). A hero might be helpful to conduct heroic shooting, but a standard bearer is not necessary.

2. Battleline. The battle infantry should be lined up in three lines. The first line should consist of high armored fighters with shield. The models in the first line should be spaced out a bit in order to stretch the flanks further out, but not so far apart that it makes it easy to be ganged up and charged by two models. The second line should be their supporter, which would be spearmen. The third line should consist of the hero, the standard bearer, and a few additional warriors. Cavalry should be lined up in two lines. The first line should be the main, the second should be the hero and the standard bearer.

3. Movement. Frequently it is better for the battle infantry to get charged than to charge, especially if there are sufficient warriors in the third line to react and counter charge. The second line of supporters should be directed to where it is important to win the fight, the unsupported models should shield if outnumbered. Cavalry forces should always consider heroic move to avoid being charged.

4. Heroic Action. The best use of Might point is for heroic action. For Cavalry hero should reserve Might pts for heroic move to avoid being charged. Infantry hero should use Might pts for heroic move to charge and pin down enemy models, usually as support for Cavalry. Missile hero should use Might pts for heroic shooting. Heroic fight should only be used selectively to attempt "sacking the quarterback." By quarterback I mean either the standard bearer, a weak combat hero, or to act against an objective.

5. Magic. Still haven't figure this one out.