Saturday, December 17, 2011

WotR: Skirmish

These rules modifications are meant to play WotR without moving trays. Why?
1. Skirmish game looks better on the table top.
2. Skirmish game allows better integration of terrain.
3. The WotR rule book contains all the profiles whereas many SBG sourcebooks are no longer available.

The rules are changed as follow:
I. Companies & Formation (p24)
Movement trays are not used.
There are no facings.
All models within a formation must remain within 1” of another model of the same formation.
II. Dice and Measuring (p27)
Measuring is from each model.
III. Move Phase (p32)
No model may move more than its move allowance.
All models within a formation must remain within 1” of another model of the same formation.
IV. Shoot Phase (p36)
A. Calculate Number of Dice
Shooting Directly: Each model with line of sight and range to a target generate one shooting die.
Accuracy Bonus: Apply for every 8 infantry models shooting directly, 2 cavalry models shooting directly, or single monster model shooting directly.
Supporting Fire: For every 8 infantry models, 2 cavalry models, or monster model in the formation that cannot shoot directly but has range to the formation’s target, an extra shooting die is generated.
B. Removing Casualties
Casualty models to be removed must start with the model furthest away from any command model of the formation. A command model in the formation is any any upgrade listed in the Command Companies section (p60) and any epic hero in the formation.
An infantry formation reduced to four models or less is removed in total. A cavalry formation reduced to one model it must also be removed as casualty.
V. Charge Phase (p42)
Choose Spearhead. The spearhead must be a command model upgrade listed in the Command Companies section (p60) or any epic hero in the formation. If the formation does not have a command model or a hero, then the closest model to the charged formation is the spearhead.
Move Remaining Companies. Change to move remaining models.
VI. Fight Phase (p46)
A. Calculate Number of Dice
1. Fighting Directly: Each infantry or cavalry model in base to base contact generates one die. Each monster model in base to base contact generates a number of attach dice per its profile. Each Galadhrim Knight model generates two dice.
2. Combat Modifiers:
a. Charging infantry and monsters: +1 die for every eight models.
b. Charging cavalry and flying monsters against infantry and monsters: + 3 dice for every model
c. Charging cavalry and flying monsters against cavalry and flying monsters: +1 die for every model
d. Battle Skill: +1 for every fight value higher than charged model for every 8 charging infantry models, every 2 cavalry models, or every monster. In addition bonus dice are generated for the difference between single hero model fight value and the target formation fight value .
e. Unstoppable Charge: +D3 dice for every 8 charging infantry models, every 2 cavalry models, or every monster.
f. Disordered: the maximum number of dice for a disordered formation is 1 for every 8 infantry models, every 2 cavalry models, or every monster.
B. Removing Casualties
Casualty models to be removed must start with the model furthest away from any command model of the formation. A command model in the formation is any any upgrade listed in the Command Companies section (p60) and any epic hero in the formation.
An infantry formation reduced to four models or less is removed in total. A cavalry formation reduced to one model it must also be removed as casualty.

So we tried out a 500 points game this week and it did not work. This all comes down to the tactical lost of clear companies in both the movement phase, placement of chargers, as well as facing in combat.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

BFG: Kher-Ys Corsair Eldars

My just painted Corsair Eldar, to match that of my 40k Eldar.
I've also submitted these pics to GothicComp annual BFG model competition.
For more information on GothicComp, go here or here for previous submissions.

The color scheme is similar to my 40k Eldar. And since I am planning on fielding Prince Yriel, and similar to Iyanden, have a large Wraith presence, Corsair Eldar seems a better fit than a Craftworld fleet.

My colors:
1. prime black
2. mechrite red sails
3. hormagaunt purple body
4. gunmetal "heads"
5. bleached bone jewels
6. necron abyss guns
7. adeptus gray "rods"
8. shining gold eldar glyph
9. purple wash

Monday, July 4, 2011

40k Kroots

I love these models. Their rules are ok, a bit too easy to kill, but the ability to shoot with rapid fire 2 and fight with two weapons in hand to hand at strength 4 is good.

Colors as follows:
Prime: desert yellow
Hounds: Khemri brown
Ox: Calthan brown.
Belly: Tau sept ochre
Eyes: orkhide green
Maw: red gore
Nails: orkhide shade
Spikes: bleached bone
Jewelry: dwarf bronze
Cloth: knarloc green
Cloak: dark angel green over, orkhide shade under
Fur: gretchin green
Bones: bleached bone
Leather: bestial brown
Containers: scorched brown
Guns: chaos black
Weapon grasp: scaly green
Blades: gun metal

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BFG: Litko markers

A friend in my gaming group discovered and got some of these from Litko. I think they are fabulous though a tad expensive as i already have 2 sets of cardboard marker worth from two starter set. Note though that there is tentative plans for all torpedo markers to be bases on 20 mm x 20 mm bases.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

BFG Fleet Overview: Orks

Its been a while since I have blog reviewed BFG fleets. The High Admirals, GW's designated stewards for BFG, have been busy updating the rules and we are now awaiting formal approval for them. Their work can be viewed here. Personally I hope the entire rule sets get consolidated and published as BFG 2nd ed. I have taken the liberty to include some of these updates in my review of the orks under the experimental section. Secondly, I want to mention that the annual BFG modeling competition is once again near. More information for the 2011 competition can be found here. All of the Ork images in this post are from previous entries with the exception of the Ork ravager escorts, which is by flips001 at Deviant Art.

Just like in 40k, BFG Orks are presented with similar theme. Over all, they use crude technology though it can be surprisingly effective. Their escorts are above average in durability though primitive (less maneuverable) just like their boyz. Their cruisers are tough and highly veriable just like their meks and kans. They are largely a charge in and fight, just like in 40k. What is particularly fascinating to me about BFG Orks is their relationship to Necrons. Per fluff, Orks may have been engineered by the Old Ones to fight the Necrons. Necrons in BFG is particularly tough and among some considered as too tough. But the Necrons' lack of shield is easily exploited by Orks for hit and run attacks, boarding, and ramming (the latter two cannot be saved by the Necrons' notorious armor saves). These three abilities are among the Orks' strength.

Firstly, Orks auto pass All Ahead Full special orders. Note that auto pass does not mean auto perform as a preceding failure of another special order still means that no further special orders can be tested for. Thus all intended All Ahead Full special orders should be conducted prior to any other special orders be tested for. Though this only result in an additional 2D6" movement forward rather than the 4D6" for other fleets, it still facilitate the Orks to close early in the game. In addition, to ram a ship must first pass All Ahead Full and then make a leadership test. Auto passing All Ahead Full more than compensate for the lower Ork leaderships. Secondly and speaking of ramming, Orks have escorts designed for ramming. Ramming is easier to do for escorts against larger ship, requiring only a leadership test with 1D6 rather than 2D6 which mean these ram ships shouldn't have much of a problem hitting their targets. Normally each ramming ship rolls a number of attack dice equal to its full hull points against the target's facing armor and for regular escorts, this means 1 roll but the Ork ram ship gives your four attack dice rather than just one! The rammed ship rolls against the ram ship's front armor of "6". Thirdly, the Orks get a +1 on boarding rolls, only Space Marines do better. Fourthly Orks can field fighter-bombers. Fighter bombers are actually very versatile and reliable as attack crafts to take out enemy ordnance and for bombing runs. Each fighter-bombers that survive turret defenses will make D3 - defensive turrets bombing runs plus one, meaning Ork fighter-bomber is guaranteed to make at least one bombing run (per 2010 FAQ). Fifthly, Ork cruisers are 10 hull points rather than the standard 6-8 though their turrets and shields are only one each. Finally orks have heavy guns, 15cm batteries that inflict two hull damages for each hits and with the 2010 FAQ can fir simultaneously as its weapon batteries, thus avoiding any negative modifiers for blast markers. Together a very good list of strengths.

The first and biggest weakness to the Orks all their leadership roll is modified down one. Leadership is essential for special orders so this means other than All Ahead Full Orks are less likely to do any other tricks. The second weakness to the Orks is that they are limited to 6 cruisers in their list. These really are their best ships in my opinion and in addition, will limit the maximum number of battlecruisers and battleships to three. The third weakness to Orks in BFG is that with few exceptions, nearly all their weapons firing are limited to just one arc each, front, left or right. The last weakness is that many of their weapon and launches are variable with each attack. Personally I think this is more characterful rather than a weakness, but if it bothers you enough, take a warlord (with a reroll) and pay the upgrade to allow re-rolls for gunz firepower.

Fleet Selections: Cruisers
To really use the Orks' strengths, the fleet should be built around terror ship cruisers (pictured above). These are your carriers with a set 4 bays for fighter bombers or assault boats (for hit and runs). The terror ship is one of the cheapest (185 points) 4 bays carrier in the game and it has 10 hull points, 2 more than any other; unfortunately it only has one turret and one shield where other fleets would have two each. Like most Ork ships it is built to attack rather than defend. You could take a warlord with the shield upgrade; I think a warlord on a terror ship is a good way to go to give it that re-roll to ensure that Reload Ordnance special order. If points doesn't permit, or for variety, the other Ork cruiser the kill kroozer (155 points) could be considered. Instead of the terror ship launch bays, it has 4 heavy gunz each starboard and port.

Fleet Selection: Escorts.
The ram ship is self evidently the best Ork escort. It is the only Ork ship that has weapons that can fire in left/front/right fire arc and can turn 90 degree. The ram ship is also the cheapest Ork ship (25 points), fast at 25cm move, and as previously mentioned, it is built for ramming and a core strength for the fleet. A good alternative escort is the ravager attack ship (pic above) with torpedo capability potentially equivalent to most cruisers (1D6 strength launch). In addition, per the 2010 FAQ has the ravager at 40 points and 2 turrets (one of the weakness for escort is attack crafts). The other two escort classes are alright with one armed with D6 batteries (the onslaught) and one armed with 4 heavy gunz (the savage gunship). Between these two, I think the savage gunship maybe better with faster move (25cm rather than 20) and 5 points cheaper (30 rather than 35 points) though its weapons are only 15cm rather than 30 cm ranged.

Fleet Selection: Battlecruisers and Battleships.
Three of the four battleships available here are actually character ships, meaning you can field only one of each. The best is probably the Dethdeala battleship with the best weapon output, 4D6" All Ahead Full rather than 2D6", and armed with a strength 6 prow bombardment cannon. A good alternative is the Gorbag's revenge as it is a carrier capable of 5 +D3 attack craft launches and simultaneously D6+2 torpedoes. The combo of simultaneous attack crafts and torpedoes allow you to overwhelm enemy turrets. The other battleship is the Slamblasta armed with 2 prow 45cm ranged lances. The fourth battleship is the kroolboy with 6 prow heavy gunz and like the Deathdeala can All Ahead Full on 4D6". All battleships have 12 hull points, two more than your standard cruisers for about 50% more points, but have two shields and 3 turrets. They can also switch leadership with a cruiser. Included in this category is the hammer battlekroozer with the same hit points as your cruiser but 2 shields and 2 turrets. It has more firepower an almost as much bays (D3+1 rather than the 4). Since battlecruisers can be squadroned with regular cruisers to mitigate against ork lower leadership and share the warlord’s reroll, battlecruiser seems a better choice than battleships in general.

Fleet Selection: Others.
The Ork list also has options for a 600 points behemoth Ork hulk. It is ponderous in its movement, only able to turn every other game turn, but has its own 5cm gravity well! Its leadership is always 6 and its warlord upgrade options are slightly modified with shields costing 50 rather than 25 points. Naturally it is awesome in firepower and can serve as your pirate base in campaign games. The other special fleet option are roks, mobile planetary defenses with 8 hull points armed with torpedoes, gunz and heavy gunz (no bays). Roks move 10cm ahead each turn but can slide sideward on All Ahead Full; if this slide is 10cm or more than the new movement direction is in the same direction as the slide and this is the only way the rok can turn. I think both the hulk and the roks are amusing additions to the Ork list. A hulk and only roks list would be cheap to build financially but doesn't seem to build much on Ork strengths.

Experimental Rules Notes.
These are proposals to GW by the High Admirals. Firstly, there are clan squadron upgrade options. Goffs get an additional +1 for boarding and +1 bonus to test for ramming. Evil Sunz gets +5cm movement. Bad Moonz can reroll gunz number of attack die. Deathskulls get looted torpedoes or lances. Blood Axes can take Imperial Navy or Chaos escorts. Snakebites get free +1 bonus for Brace for Impact tests. Secondly there are more customization options to upgrade squadrons including ram prow (+1 leadership test for ramming and one auto hull damage before any dice are rolled), tellyporta (for 30cm rather than 10cm hit and run attacks) and Shokk-Attack lances. Thirdly are three new ships, a terror ship built for assaults (essentially a Goff terror ship), a light gun cruiser (though i am not sure why anyone would take this at 6 hull points even at 90 points), and an escort for assault (counts as two hull points for boarding value but test to ram on 2D6 even against larger ships). For more information on these options as well as the 2010FAQ go here.

Fleet Tactic
Your fleet should be built with a good mix of capital ships (cruisers and battlecruiser/battleship) and escorts (ram ships and ravagers). You will have the usual choice between many bays or only a few. Heavy ordnance would be hammer battlecruisers with 2 terror ships and some ravagers. Alternatively take a battlecruiser and two kill kroozers for a gun line. Always take at least 4 bays per 1000 points and with Orks, there should always be a place for ram ships. The Ork list also give you the option to take a warlord for every 500 points and while not mandatory, should always be considered. To start with, all ahead full toward the enemy and hold your launches until within launch and strike range. Your front line should be ram ships and your second line should be your ordnance ships. Also remember that ships on all ahead full cannot turn outside of gravity well so the initial orientation of your models will be very important to get the maximum out of your auto pass all ahead full. Your opponent with try to use his greater maneuverability to keep away. In summary I think if played to their strength Orks is a formidable fleet in BFG, competitive against Necrons but likely much less so against Eldar (extreme maneuverability).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warp Rift

Issue 32 is out and can be found here.

The Black Ship Inquisitor cruiser conversion by Mangozac is amazing!

Mangozac tells me the conversion kit is available for purchase at resin addict.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rumor: BFG re-release in October?

rumor from BoLS has a surprise from GW in October/Fall

i am hoping it is BFG revised.
1. nice pic of BFG in this month white dwarf
2. BFG updated has been received now 5 months, enough time for them to accept, condense, and sent to printer
3. there is usually a non-core release in the fall for christmas time

ofcourse it is mostly wishful thinking on my part as well
it could be Warhammer (though Warhammer is getting storm of magic this summer already) or even LotR!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BFG Images

Some nice art work of BFG by Zach Graves
HT: Concept Ships

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ghost Hunting

For whatever reason, we have been watching shows about haunting and ghost hunting. Like my previous post about surviving potential horrors I have given some thoughts about conducting and surviving a ghost hunting mission.

1. Plan for horror and mayhem. Assume there is a potential for a bad outcome and make plans accordingly. Thus know the rules for surviving potential horrors. This is not to say you cannot remain a skeptic, just that you have to be prepared for the worse. The worse could come as hostile supernaturals, hostile humans and animals, as well as hostile environment conditions.

2. Have the right mission composition. Mission size should be 6-9 members. If this is an "in and out" mission, six is sufficient as this will permit 2 active teams of 3 members each, the minimum size to be on guard and survive. If this is a "camp out" mission, bring 9 to allow for shifts with two active teams while the third sleeps. Each team of three should have at least one man and one woman. This allows for a broader empathic reception as well as targets for contacts. Each team should contain at least one if not all to be capable of deadly force. Each team should contain one member scientifically oriented, one member spiritually tuned, and one member psychologically aware.Scientifically trained provides for skepticism and critical analysis or interpretation. Spiritually tuned so as to remain open to what cannot be explained. Psychologically aware so to maintain team function and guard against potential subversion of team members. Preferably all members should have undergone some sort of background and psychological screening.

3. Maintain communication. All members of the mission must be in constant live communication with each other team members and mission members. All communications must be recorded for future reviews. The mission must also have communication with the outside before, during, and after. Before means someone else not on mission must be aware of the plans for the mission, including personnel, place, time of start and expected time the mission is to end. During the mission at least one member of each team is capable of independent communication with the outside world. In this day and age of cell phone, all team members should be capable of independent communication. After the mission is to end, there should be an automatic plan for a rescue should there is no communication to cancel rescue.

4. Establish a sanctuary. The sanctuary will serve as both the base of operation as well as a point of safety to retreat to. It must be defensive against material hostile as well as potential aggression against spiritual hostile. The sanctuary must also be independently powered and supplied. Do not rely solely on the existing power grid for energy and backup power generators must be brought. Supply should be sufficient to survive at least one of not two through three days longer than planned. The sanctuary should be large enough for one team to remain active in monitoring activities, one team to sleep, and one team to defend. For an "in and out" mission, the sanctuary should be just outside the structures to be investigated, preferable also guarding the primary entry and exit path. For a "camp out" mission the sanctuary should be just inside the structures to be investigated, preferable also guarding the primary entry and exit way. The ability to at least maintaining awareness if not control of the in and out cannot be understated.

5. Have the right equipment. Beyond the essentials for any mission, such as weapons,religious icons, communication equipment, survival gears, there will be additional equipment necessary for the mission. All members should be equipped with night vision goggles, helmet video cameras for normal spectrum as well as infrared. All video feed should be actively reviewed live back at the sanctuary by the base team. Otherwise the team members should have both hands free. The rest of the "ghost hunting' equipment should be deployed. These include video cameras (both night vision and infrared), audio recording devices, and any other monitors (electromagnetic, temperature, etc). Each location should be recorded from at least two vantages: one from the main entry way and one of the main entry way. Additional vantages could be acquired as needed. Camera views should be wide angle rather than through camera sweeps to reduce the chance of a miss as well as minimize energy consumption. They should be battery powered or powered by direct cable and wire to the sanctuary power source.

6. Consider dogs. Seriously, dogs would complement human abilities with their heighten senses in what they can see, hear, and smell. The dogs would have to be trained to obey obviously, and be large enough for aggressive actions. Each team of three humans should then be reinforced by a dog.

7.Have a back up plan. By back up I mean either plans for rescue and or reinforcement. The mission rescue teams must also be similarly composed as the primary mission team with the following difference. The mission rescue composition should be composed of 3 teams of 3 each. Two of the teams will enter and search, working in tandem rather than splitting up; the third remains outside to coordinate with the outside world. The two active teams must remain in close proximity as there is strength in numbers. This cannot be disregarded given that the primary mission teams have been incapacitated in some way, potentially due to hostile action or environment. Numbers are also necessary to assist in rescue and recovery of any survivors of the primary mission teams. The rescue team mission is not to investigate or to collect data but seek, rescue, and potentially destroy any and all threats. Thus everyone on the team must be capable and inclined for deadly force application. One member of each team must be medically capable to render aid.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photon Cutter Dystopian Wars Templates

Here is the movement templates for Dystopian Wars that I previously mentioned.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rumor: GW to switch from metal to resin

Plastics will stay as is but the metal models are being recalled and to be recast in resin?


The GW games i play are predominantly metal: Warmaster, BFG, and LotR. I have an all metal SoB and Khand army already.
I wonder if these game systems will switch as well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Movement Templates for Uncharted Seas & Dystopian War

Recently I ordered these movement templates for Uncharted Seas from Photon Cutter Studio.

They were similar to the Litko templates except the turning templates allow a 180 turn, which i thought make them superior. I ordered them through my LFGS (which ordered them through Fat Boys Games distribution?). Unfortunately when i got them the medium turning template was missing and instead i got 2 large ones. I emailed Tom at Photon Cutter Studio and without hesitation offered me a replacement free of charge. I also inquired about a similar set for Dystopian war and he offered them for my troubles, Wow. Within 2 weeks they arrived an everything is great. Thank you so much Tom for a fabulous customer service experience.
I eagerly await the opportunity to use both sets on the table top. Have a go yourself if you play either Uncharted Seas or Dystopian War.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I found this site yesterday:
Table Top Tournaments

It appears to be an attempt to track all tournaments and players for table top games. Many many different table top games.
I registered :).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

BFG: 2010 FAQ

The latest FAQ is done. A total of 30 pages. I guess that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because it should clear up many fuzzy items. Bad because it suggests the original rules set was rather fuzzy. Oh well.

But the greatest significance is that BFG still has life. It breathes!

oh, and of course, Happy New Year!