Saturday, July 30, 2011

BFG: Kher-Ys Corsair Eldars

My just painted Corsair Eldar, to match that of my 40k Eldar.
I've also submitted these pics to GothicComp annual BFG model competition.
For more information on GothicComp, go here or here for previous submissions.

The color scheme is similar to my 40k Eldar. And since I am planning on fielding Prince Yriel, and similar to Iyanden, have a large Wraith presence, Corsair Eldar seems a better fit than a Craftworld fleet.

My colors:
1. prime black
2. mechrite red sails
3. hormagaunt purple body
4. gunmetal "heads"
5. bleached bone jewels
6. necron abyss guns
7. adeptus gray "rods"
8. shining gold eldar glyph
9. purple wash


afterimagedan said...

Those Eldar look great. I like how you used a Void Stalker gun piece on the Eclipses. Lots of Hellebores! Have you ever considered adding some Nightshades to this bunch?

fracas said...

I had a theme in mind: 2 wingsails for escorts, 3 for cruisers and 4 for battleship. I also like the hellebore models but didn't care for the nightshade models.