Monday, July 4, 2011

40k Kroots

I love these models. Their rules are ok, a bit too easy to kill, but the ability to shoot with rapid fire 2 and fight with two weapons in hand to hand at strength 4 is good.

Colors as follows:
Prime: desert yellow
Hounds: Khemri brown
Ox: Calthan brown.
Belly: Tau sept ochre
Eyes: orkhide green
Maw: red gore
Nails: orkhide shade
Spikes: bleached bone
Jewelry: dwarf bronze
Cloth: knarloc green
Cloak: dark angel green over, orkhide shade under
Fur: gretchin green
Bones: bleached bone
Leather: bestial brown
Containers: scorched brown
Guns: chaos black
Weapon grasp: scaly green
Blades: gun metal

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