Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hobbit / LotR SBG

LotR SBG rules got an update in the form of the just released Hobbit rules. The major changes are as follow:

Heroic Uses of Might.
Heroic Move, Shoot, and Fight remains unchanged. There are four additional heroic actions.
Heroic March: allows all friendly models within 6" to increase their movement by 3" if on foot, 5" if mounted. Models cannot charge as part of the march. It is not clear to me whether this increases movement is in addition to other bonuses, such as that provided by a Uruk Hai drummer for instance.
Heroic Channelling: allows magically effect of spells casted to be more powerful.
Heroic Accuracy: allows all friendly models within 6" to reroll their in the way roll when shooting.
Heroic Strike: allows the hero to increase his Fight by D6 and it applies before any other effect (such as transfix).

Monster and Monster Mount Attacks.
Rend: all attacks against one model but applied against its strength rather than defense.
Hurl: allows the monster to grab a model in base to base whose strength is less than the monster's, compare Strength +D6 and if the monster's is higher, the model is thrown a number of inches equal to difference in the modified roll off. The hurled model suffers a S3 hit for each model caught in the path of the hurl, and an additional S6 hit at the end. This appear great against multi wound models.
Barge: all enemy models in the fight back away 3" chosen by the monster and the monster then gets a D6" charge to fight again. This seems the equivalent of heroic fight and thus not available if the monster is part of a heroic fight.
Note: a chariot is considered a monstrous mount so it can hurl, rend and barge? LOL!

Special Weapon Attacks.
Declared before the Fight/Duel rolls.
Piercing strike with axes and picks: wielder gains D3 strength but defend at minus D3. Does a two handed axe also get to pierce?
Stun with clubs and staffs: wielder cannot wound but a defender is reduced to Fight 1 and Attack 1 on a roll of 4+. This is only good when attacking with a companion. But since this attack is declared after the fight/duel has already been won, I am not sure how reducing the enemy's Fight makes a difference.
Whirl with flails, scourges and whips: wielder is fight 1 but a win allows a strike against all enemy models in base to base. This should be used when surrounded.
Bash with maces, mauls and hammers: allows the wielder to roll off on a D6 + Strength against a single enemy model in the fight. If the wielder's roll is equal to or greater than the defender, the defender is knocked to the ground. Not sure if an infantry model can bash a cavalry model to the ground, or even a monster/monster mount.
Feint with daggers and swords: allow a model to fight at minus D3 fight but reroll to Wound roll of 1. Should always be used when facing a higher Fight enemy.
Support with spear and pikes: allows a model to directly fight one base away rather than adds an attack to the front model. It appears pikes are no different from spears.
Elven blade wielder wins tie Fight rolls on 3+ rather than 4+ unless fighting against another elven blade. Khand chieftains and kings wield elven blades by the way.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dropzone Commander

This is a new 10mm scale sci-fi war-game from Hawk Wargames. Note that the buildings are made by them as well.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review: Legion of the Damned

I recently completed reading this book on my nook. I believe it will be out in paperback later this month. Firstly, this book is mostly about the Excoriator Space Marines, a second chapter founding from the Imperial Fist. The Legion of the Damned do show up at the end though so the title is not completely a misrepresentation. Once this fact is accepted, then you can relax and enjoy the book, and in my opinion, one of the better read from the Black Library.

The main character is the Scourge, equivalent to a chapter champion, who is seeking to to redeem himself for a previous failure against the Alpha Legion (they are everywhere don't you know). He is tempted to wallow in his own despair but instead is forced to duty with men who loath him. There is nice juxtaposition here not just between despair and action, but also command and service, honor to self and honor to his chapter. And only the periphery of his awareness he is watched but his own personal demon. The character development is good for the Scourge, as well as others about him. There are the Ecclesiarch he is forced to serve, and the humans who serve as his attendants. There are also Sisters of Battle and Chaos Space Marines.

The writing is crisp and well paced. The plot unfold with some nice twist and surprises; stereotypes are present (perhaps more as archetypes) but not indulged. There are no superlatives and in large part, believable, yes believable even though 40k. Though the writing is mostly from the Scourge perspective, there are sufficient little vignettes to provide a 360 view of the event.

This is the first book by Rib Sanders I have read and I am rather pleased. Along with Aaron Dembski-Bowden he is an author to read for 40k. I look forward to his next book.

Update: Rob Sander just announced he is writing a novella for the upcoming Horus Heresy compilation here. This is most excellent. One of my favorite Black Library author writing about my favorite chaos marines legion.