Sunday, August 7, 2011

GothiComp 2011 entries

All the entries are here.


Joel said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

Joel Houston

fracas said...


in which posts are there broken links?

Aerospike said...

Some really nice entries there. I especially like the clever use of 40K bitz (dark eldar and tyranids in particular).

Pictures of beautiful fleets (like yours in the previous post for example) make me whish somebody in my area would show some interest in BFG (or Firestorm Armada), my imperial fleet is tucked away in a case and has not seen action one single time...

PS: some time ago you blogged about the latest update/faq for BFG, any idea when that will be made official by GW or is the specialist range finally dead from their point of view?

fracas said...



Did you submit any thing to the contest? At least vote to show your interests.

No one was playing BFG here in Richmond either (btw where are you?) so 2 Christmas ago I got 6 of my friends some models (2-3 cruisers). I figure it was smarter to give as gift some BFG to get others into the game than to buy more models I wouldn't get to play with. Once we started playing lots more people showed interest.

Regarding the 2010faq many of us are hoping it will be repackaged as BFG 2.0 for the November "surprise" release ala space hulk last year.

Aerospike said...

Unfortunately I missed GothiComp (again) this year, I guess that happens because apart from visiting your blog once in a while I'm no longer really in connection to the BFG world.
But I don't think my mediocre painted, non converted vessels would have any chance in winning something anyway.

Guess I have to hurry now if I want to register and vote before the deadline...

Regarding lack of interest (I'm from Vienna, Austria btw):
If I can find a little spare time and a few euros, I'll try something like your "gift fleet for chriszmas"-idea among my friends. I actually know quite a few "gamers", but the majority is only into board games (although that includes quite complex ones like FFGs Twilight Imperium) and not really interested in 1on1 wargames.
Between the 2 wargamers among my friends, one isn't into ship combat at all and the other is too lazy to build/paint anything so his interest is more a theoretical one, lol. ;)

regarding BFG:
I've heard those rumors and I would love to see this, but I somehow doubt a "mystery box" treatment of BFG. It isn't really a "game in a box" like Spacehulk.
But only time will tell, so let's wait and see what comes around. :)

fracas said...

Best wishes with stirring up interests for BFG.

I do think that BFG 2.0 would be easy to sell. What is most needed is a new rule book (hard cover?). There was a box set at one time.