Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rumor: BFG re-release in October?

rumor from BoLS has a surprise from GW in October/Fall

i am hoping it is BFG revised.
1. nice pic of BFG in this month white dwarf
2. BFG updated has been received now 5 months, enough time for them to accept, condense, and sent to printer
3. there is usually a non-core release in the fall for christmas time

ofcourse it is mostly wishful thinking on my part as well
it could be Warhammer (though Warhammer is getting storm of magic this summer already) or even LotR!

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closet gamer said...

That would be a great release. I'm hoping it's Warhammer Quest (given there are now petitions online for a re-release) but it's most likely to be Blood Bowl because it's 25 years since it was first released. How boring though. It's still freely available on the GW website. Anything but Blood Bowl!