Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saurus Warriors 2

Just finished my first batch of saurus warriors. Over all, the models are better than i expected but my painting algorithm and color scheme did not turn out as i expected. It is too late really to change my color scheme but the painting algorithm will be changed.

For my next batch, I will start as below:
1. Eyes = bad moon yellow
2. Skin = bronzed flesh
3. Scales & teeth= bone
4. Wash: a mix of 9 part water, 1 part blue, 0.5 part yellow
5. Mouth & feathers: magenta
6. Leather: snake bite
7. Wood: scorched brown
8. Weapon: brass
9. Jewelry: bronze
10: standard: burnish gold

there is something wrong with the washing step. maybe it is too dilute. i do not know.

yes, i really need to take some photos.

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