Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Game

Despite my intent of just sticking with the armies i already have and concentrate on terrain, i have started LotR.
But i don't regret it for two main reasons.
Firstly, it allows me an opportunity of getting some friends into gaming. Having friends to play with can never be diregarded.
Secondly, after skimming the rules, i think it is a better game system than Fantasy Battle. For battles, i think Warmaster does a much better job of representing epic battles.
And thirdly (yes, i said "two main reasons" but this is just a minor reason) is that the human armies i have chosen will allow me to use my human warhammer houses. So in a way, it is still about terrain?

The armies i have chosen are as follow. Each will be built to 500-600 pts.
1. Easterling
2. Rohan (Theoden's Host, but led by Erkenbrand)
3? Khand or Lorien
4? Lorien or Khand.

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