Saturday, May 30, 2009

Painting To Dos

With WotR, I recently placed a large order to field all my armies at 1.5k. I am having second thought on the blue color scheme of my easterlings and so will leave them alone for now without painting new easterlings. I am midway through painting Gondor and thus far am satisfied with their color scheme. They are second to next on the painting list. Next on the painting list will be:

Tau primer: white
Tau highlight: bleached bone
Tau weapons: scales green
Tau Heroes 2nd highlight: dark angel green

Kroot primer: black
Kroot inner sphere: deneb stone
Kroot outer sphere: charadon granite

Nicassar primer: black
Nicassar: Fenris grey

All washes: sepia

After the Tau i hope to finish Gondor, then move on to:

primer: black
skin: tallarn flesh
armor: dry brushed bolt metal
weapon: chainmail
cloth: Iyanden darksun
highlight: hormagaunt purple
wood: brown
arrow feathers: white
bow & arrow: gretchin green
leather: black
horse: grey
wash: sepia

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