Monday, August 9, 2010

Empire: Peripheral Wars

Found these pics at Concept Ships.
They appear to be for a game from Russia? Wish i knew more about it.

more images here.


Stefan said...
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Stefan said...

The game will be an RTS in outer space. It is pretty cool project and those ship concepts are freakin amazing. I am working on the game as an artist doing all the space backgrounds and here are some parts of the map:

I am not entirely sure how much can I tell about the game but I will talk to the project owner and tell you some more if I am allowed.

fracas said...

those look great. thanks for sharing.

your ship models are fabulous. too bad they are computerized rather than miniatures ... though there are ways to convert with 3D printing i understand

Stefan said...

The ship models are not made by me. I make only the space backgrounds. And I think they will be really pleasent to look at :P

Cameron said...

I hope this game comes out in english. I'd buy it.

Diego said...

The battleship designs are from rusian artist Karanak, I learn about him the other day thanks to an article I read at Sankaku Complex ( and decided to investigate a little bit more about him.

You can find his gallery here:

forrest said...

Yeah I saw these a few weeks ago, they look great. Hope it comes out for the US, maybe on Steam... :)