Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fantasy Battle Campaign

I recently joined a map based campaign for Fantasy Battle 8th edition rules. I will be fielding my Lizardmen.
Here is the world in its virginal state.

Here is my realm.

To my West and Southwest is an Empire realm. To my Northwest is a Bretonnian realm. To my Northeast I believe are some High Elves. To my East across the water are Skaven. Immediately North of me is a fortress of Beastmen.


Papa JJ said...

That map looks quite large, how many players are participating in the campaign? Good luck to you and your lizards!

fracas said...

The map is huge. There is about 19 of us each commanding a realm of 24 hexes and 6 armies to start with (1 capital citadel, 2 fortresses, and 2 cities). I think it is too much but till it gets too complicated it should be fun.

imirk said...

What is the map from, I don't recognize it. Thanks!