Sunday, December 1, 2013

FIrestorm Armada 2.0

When Firestorm Armada was first announced, I waited with anticipation due  to my love for large space battles. But once I got the rules, and (attempted) to read them, I realized the rules were not nearly as tactical as BFG. Not only were the rules poorly written and designed, I thought the models were of poor as well in quality and design. So I stopped at the rules book.

Since then a few things have changed.
1. GW has terminated BFG and the rest of the specialist games line.
2. I've started playing Spartan Games more popular game Dystopian Wars. While the rules were clunky, it somehow seem appropriate for the Victorian SciFi setting. The models were also very high in quality and quantity.
3. Second generations of Firestorm Armada models are also better in quality and quantity.
4. There will be a ground based mass combat game call Planetfall using the same setting.

Spartan Games have announced Firestorm Armada 2.0 to be released this December and I am once again open to entering this game. Not only are the rules have been significantly revamped, likely due to significantly more play testing and feed back from the community, but third generation models are being released for the 6 major factions. The updated basic fleet lists for all six core factions are here. And here are the basic new fleet sets and links for more by factions.


Aerospike said...

Have you had a chance to take a look at the new Firestorm Armada rules yet?

fracas said...

I preordered the rules to get the free space station (for me it was the Retholza one) but have not received it yet while the LFGS has it on the shelf already.
Once I read through the rules I will post a review.

Ryan Flores said...

Any update on the rules review? I'm thinking of ordering this weekend and am looking to see what people think.

fracas said...

Will try to post a review this weekend.

fracas said...

Review up just now